Another Fake Amazon Prime Phishing Attack

These guys are really good!!! Received the following email today requesting my to provide my credit card info to Amazon, as (apparently), my Prime membership is coming up for renewal, and my credit card on file is not active. However, pay close attention to their claim that they will try all other credit cards on file first to see if they work, so they can process the fee.

This raises a very good point about being cyber-safe and cyber-savvy…No need to have multiple credit cards on file with any online vendor or other such partners. The more cards you maintain on their payment system, the greater the possibility cybercriminals could process payments (or attempt to process payments) against every card you have listed. Be safe, limit your credit cards to one only if possible, so that if there is any cyber fraud committed against your card, you have a greater opportunity to spot it sooner, than if you have credit cards you rarely use, or haven’t used in some time residing as legitimate forms of payment.

BTW…here is the address of the sender – “Amazon Prime” <[email protected]>; – Doesn’t appear to be from Amazon to me!

Here is the email, and remember, “Don’t be quick to click” (or provide financial information when requested to do so either)!