Published article in new Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation

Pleased to have been invited to co-author an article with Dr. Robert Cadigan of Boston University for the new journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation that will be released imminently by Henry Stewart Publications.
Dr. Cadigan and I are continuing our research in the area of cybercrime, social engineering, and the influences related to generational differences in the decisions we make about adopting advancements in technology into our lives, based to a large degree on our generational tendencies.
AI has become another significant advancement in our lives that will change how we function as individuals and interact with others. It will have a powerful impact on how we think, what our decision processes will look like in the future, and to what degree we will come to depend on others making decisions for us.
Thanks again to HSP – in particular Publisher Daryn Moody, for having the insight to create this fascinating and important new peer-reviewed journal. And congrats to all who contributed!
Looking forward to the release of the first issue shortly.  Here is a link to the Journal